Ethernet POE Inserters/Extractors

Ethernet POE Inserters/Extractorss

GIGE-POE line of products are a POE injector/Extractors with surge protection added.  they are used to insert or remove power from an Ethernet data line.

Insert or remove POE from CAT5 Ethernet circuits.
Universal circuit allows any polarity to be put on any pair of wires. Field programmable with jumpers.

These products do not provide the power.  The power (or load) must come from and external device.  That is what the two terminal connector is for.  You can select which pairs and which polarities you want on the pairs with jumpers.
If you already have a POE port that is powering your equipment you should just use our GIGE-SS/APC or CAT6-APC line of surge protectors.  They pass through whatever power is already there.
 The GIGE-POE-APC will block any power that is already on the line and divert that power to the two terminal connector.


Compatible with the following Trango radios:

Apex Lynx
Apex Orion
Apex Plus
StrataLink 24

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