MT12 Micro Trenching Blade

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MT12 Micro Trenching Blade


A Blade You and Your Team Can Rely On

We have put in the time, money, and effort to develop a blade that is faster and stronger than the rest at a better price point. When you choose to
get your microtrenching blades from McCown Technology Corporation, you’re choosing a blade that operates at a lower cost per foot than any
other blade on the market – we guarantee it.

We’ve gotten our blade manufacturing down to a science, which is how we reliably produce a high-performance blade every time. We import
abrasion-resistant steel plates from Sweden that’s twice the strength of the steel our competitors use – we checked.

We keep this steel at its maximum hardness by cutting it without flame or plasma. Instead, we use waterjet cutting to precision cut each of our
blades, which leaves them with no heat-affected areas. We don’t even heat the blade when we install the teeth – we only heat the teeth themselves
using an electronic radiofrequency induction heater.

With proper handling and tooth maintenance, our blades can function as if they were brand new for up to 30,000 feet of cutting. As long as you
get your blade to us before it takes any shoulder damage, we can fix it over and over again.

We are frequently sold out, so there may be a lead time irrespective of what this website says.  And this site does not calculate truck freight correctly.  Give us a call directly to discuss stock and shipping.  801-250-9503


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Tech Spec

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 1 in

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Product Videos

MT 12 Tooth Replacement

Older design spoils transport study video

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Mont Bangerter

    Chuck and crew make a great blade. We have over 25,000′ on one blade now and it has been back to them twice for maintenance. I am sure it is going to make 30,000 feet. At that rate we are taking about 12 cents per foot cut for blade expense on the microtrenching. I am going to post this exact same review on the larger blade. We are using both and both are lasting about the same as long as you don’t delay the repair when you notice missing PDCs.

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