Outdoor 100 Mbps Ethernet Surge Protector with Test Port

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Outdoor 100 Mbps Ethernet Surge Protector with Test Port


PN: 800-444SS-SMT-HV

Superior Ethernet Protection

This Outdoor 100 Mbps Ethernet Surge Protector with Test Port has a thrysistor based surge protection circuit based on more than a decade of surge protection research and development.

Test Port

Outdoor 100 Mbps Ethernet Surge Protector (suppressor/arrestor) allows for troubleshooting without having to gain access to the SM or the customer premise.  You can plug your laptop into this unit mounted on the side of a customer’s home and access the subscriber module on the roof without interrupting power and without going inside the home.

Test mode does not interrupt the power to the SM therefore a test can be done without a reboot.

POE Insertion/Extraction/Test

This unit has an POE inserter built right in.  If you want to power the SM from a location other than inside a customer’s home, this unit is for you.  POE insertion or extraction can be done via the POE terminals. Power is Polarity agnostic, will work on Canopy or UBNT POE voltages and polarities. NOTE: PINS 4&5 AS WELL AS PINS 7&8 ARE BONDED TOGETHER. THIS MAKES IT UNSUITABLE FOR CANOPY 430 APs but it is OK for 430 SMs.

100 Mbps Ethernet

Note: This product is designed for data on 4 wires (1/2, 3/6) and Power on 4 wires. It is limited to 100 Mbps. Speeds greater than 100 Mbps are impossible with 4 wire Ethernet.  If you need GigE speeds, check out our GigE Ethernet surge suppressors.  But if you need superior Ethernet protection on pairs 12 and 36 along with higher protection for the POE pairs AND test port access to the radio, this unit is for you!

Indoor Rack Mount Version 

Read more at: www.surge-protection.org

Outdoor 100 Mbps Ethernet Surge Protector with Test Port, designed originally for Motorola Canopy FSK surge suppressors.

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Tech Spec

Weight 0.355 lbs
Dimensions 4.4 × 5.5 in


Electrical Specifications
3dB @ 100Mhz
NEXT Increase:
Return Loss Decrease:
Clamping Voltage:
Data Circuits – HV Version 69 Volts
Clamping Voltage:
POE – 69 Volts
Mechanical Specifications
5.5 inches
4.4 inches
Net Weight:
.35 lbs (.15kg)
POE Voltage:
10-48 VDC Pins 4,5 and 7,8

Features & Applications


  • SM Test Port–connect to SM without interrupting power
  • Voltage LEDs prove power supply is on
  • Current LED–proves SM is connected and drawing power
  • Surge circuit custom designed specifically for WISP Subscriber Radios
  • Ethernet CRC error killer circuit
  • Bi-Directional TVS provides full protection even during a destructive surge
  • High-Speed Ethernet surge suppression design
  • Tool-less entry
  • Cover is hinged
  • Dust tight
  • Shielded RJ45 connectors provide a ground to shielded plugs
  • Back knockout feature for concealing wires
  • Ultra fast suppression – typically less than 1.0ps from 0 Volts to BV min


  • Installed on the customer’s premise
  • Prevent damage to the SM and the CPE
  • Test the SM without climbing to the roof
  • LEDs helps customer troubleshoot problems
  • May be used as a power inserter

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