Cambium 450 AP Tower Mount

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Cambium 450 AP Tower Mount


Cambium 450 AP Tower Mount

PN: 800-M-TOW-450

The M-TOW-450 is based on our popular M-TOW line with a square plate that allows 450 access points to mount directly.

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Tech Spec

Weight 6.30 lbs
Dimensions 9.708 × 6.33 × 3 in

Features & Applications

  • 100% Solid Steel
  • Rated for 500lbs of force
  • All parts are galvanized for long life
  • 100% Manufactured in the USA
  • Mounts to any support with a 1 inch to 5 inch diameter
  • Great for mounting to cross members
  • Provides a 7 inch standoff
  • Allows 6 access points to be mounted at the same elevation around a tower.

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