Pole Mount

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Pole Mount


PH: 800-M-POL-10

Our very popular M-TOW mount has evolved in to the  M-POL. It is like the M-TOW with a chain mount to allow mounting to various size poles and towers. Allows adding the same variety of antennas, light fixtures and other devices to virtually any pole as the M-TOW.

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Tech Spec

Weight 8.23 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 17 in

Features & Applications

  • 100% Solid Steel
  • Rated for 200lbs of force
  • All parts are hot dip galvanized for long life
  • Full 90 degrees range of mounting
  • 100% Manufactured in the USA

Mounts to any thing that the chain will fit around Great for mounting to wooden poles Ideal for GPS timing antennas, yagis, subscriber modules, backhauls Provides a 9.5 inch standoff

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