Large Pipe Angle Iron Standoff 24 Inch

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Large Pipe Angle Iron Standoff 24 Inch


Large Pipe Angle Iron Standoff 24 Inch

PN: 800-M-TOW-ANGLE-P2-24

The M-TOW-ANGLE-P2 (x) series is designed to provide a standoff from an angle iron tower leg to allow other devices to be mounted away from the leg itself. The tilt feature on the Mount allows this mount to be used on angled tower legs. The P2 pipe has a 2.375″ diameter mounting tube.

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Tech Spec

Weight 22.00 lbs
Dimensions 6.330 × 24 in
Mechanical Specifications
24 inches
6.330 inches
Mount Pipe Diameter:
2.375 inches
Net Weight:
22 Lbs
Steel – Hot Dipped Galvanized

Features & Applications

  • 100% Solid Steel
  • Rated for 500lbs of force
  • All parts are hot dipped galvanized for long life
  • Provides a secure tilt up and down
  • Can be locked straight or at a tilt
  • Works on angled tower legs
  • 100% Manufactured in the USA

Mounts to any angle iron support with a 1 inch to 4 inch face.  Mounting pipe on the P series is 1.66” outside diameter.  P2 series mounting pipe is 2.375″ dia.   Provides a 9.4” Minimum standoff (See mechanical drawing for ranges)

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Mechanical Drawing

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