Cambium Offset Parabolic 18 dB Antenna (4 pack) SL Dish PK

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Cambium Offset Parabolic 18 dB Antenna (4 pack) SL Dish PK



Cambium Offset Parabolic 18 dB Antenna (4 pack) SL Dish PK

This FCC approved reflector* was a clean sheet design originally to optimize gain for the Cambium ePMP at 5.8 GHz. Keeping the reflector physically small and low for wind loading was a prime consideration. We have since added a variety of radio holders for other products. RADIO HOLDERS SOLD SEPARATELY.

Be sure to specify the radio holder you need:

Canopy PMP 3.65

Legacy FSK plastic Canopy case

ePMP 2.4

ePMP 5.8 holder.

Higher Gain Version

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Tech Spec

Weight 60.00 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 24 × 15 in

Features & Applications

  • Whole dish assembles in minutes
  • Shipped 4 in a box. Large orders could be nested and shipped on a pallet instead of boxes.
  • FCC ID: S4DSTINGER-01 & S4D-0012998175
  • Gain spec accuracy +/- .75 dB
  • Greatly extend your range.
  • This form factor is well suited for residential and low-profile commercial installations, especially in upscale neighborhoods, and would be recognized by most casual observers as nothing more than a satellite TV antenna.

Downloads & Links

ePMP V Azimuth Pattern

ePMP V Elevation Pattern

STA Installation Guide

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