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Dedicated Telecom Construction Since 1979

McCown Technology Corporation (MTC) has been constructing telecommunications products and facilities since 1979.   Including open wire line (vintage photo at right).

MTC has created everything from airborne PBX systems for military and head of state aircraft, high speed wireless internet systems serving thousands of subscribers to terabit capable cross county fiber optic systems.

MTC is a a full service underground utility contractor providing total turn key services from engineering and permitting to testing and turn up. 

Specialties include HDD (horizontal directional drilling), high speed cable plowing, fiber optic splicing, vacuum excavation & aerial construction.  

Over 75 years of combined managerial experience. MTC is licensed and insured for operations in Utah.

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Our Services

  • Directional Boring


    Our horizontal directional drilling crews have multiple sizes of drill rigs to choose from.  Under good conditions a single crew can drill and pull back up to 500'/per day. 

  • microtrenching


    Microtrenching is the process of installing small conduits within the edges of the sidewalk to house fiber optic cabling. A quick, low-impact deployment method, fiber optic cabling is inserted into a small slot-cut trench without damaging or disrupting existing infrastructure.

  • Cable Plow


    MTC's Plow crew is capable of placing multiple quantities and size of conduit.

    We have a range of plows up to an RT-120 quad rubber track plow that can offset plow along fence rows.   UDOT 1D and MD7 is a specialty.

  • Excavating and Trenching


    A single excavator in good conditions can open 500' of ditch per day (36" deep).  We are available for all types of trench and ditch excavation as well as pit, foundation, basement and water reservoir construction.

  • Vault Installations


    MTC installs a variety of manholes, hand hole and underground vaults,  for telecom, sewer, water and power.

    Custom cast-in-place underground facilities are a specialty.  
  • Restoration & Traffic Plates


    We can saw cut or core drill, excavate, compact and replace asphalt or concrete in almost any situation.  Steel plates are provide for traffic safety.  Flowable fill in place of compaction is also a specialty.  All restoration services performed on streets or highways conform to all applicable government regulations.  

  • Splicing Trailer


    Our fiber splicing operations support several fiber splicers with trailer.

    We have the capability to splice/terminate 432 strands per day.  

  • Aerial Operation


    Our aerial crews are equipped with bucket trucks and fiber splice vehicles.  Each crew can string up to one mile of strand per day or lash one mile of strand per day.  Make ready and emergency service restoration is a specialty.

  • Cable Blowing Proofing


    With over 15 years of experience in conduit proofing and cable blowing including microduct placement and jetting, no installation job is beyond our reach.  10,000 feet of microfiber can be placed per day provided the conduit is in good condition.

Our Recent Projects

Lots of fun projects have been completed in the last little while.  Here is a small sampling.

Splice case in vault

Some of Our Clients

B Jackson Construction

Direct Communications

Tooele County

Utah Department of Transportation

Rose Springs Rock Products

Beehive Business Center

Ironwood Homes

Silver Ridge Construction

CJM Holdings

WB Manufacturing

Tooele County Health Department

Union Pacific Railroad

Rise Broadband

Rico Telephone Company 

Star Telephone Company

Sorenson Communications Inc

Google Fiber


Blackfoot Telephone Company

Facebook Data Center - Eagle Mountain

Verizon - Salt Lake City

UDOT Region 2

Our Expert Team

Our team has had years of service literally "in the trenches".  This produces a wealth of know-how and expert experience unmatched by any other method.  


Juan Tristan

Construction Superintendent

Pake Lyman

Fiber Optic Engineering
Project Management

Teri Nix

Business Operations Manager